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Within the human interactome there exists over 500,000 unique protein-protein interactions (PPIs), functioning synergistically to maintain homeostatic control. Central to the progression of disease pathogenesis is the complex remodelling of the PPI network. By leveraging the evolutionary optimised PPI interface, Disruptyx Therapeutics can rapidly discover and develop highly selective, stable and potent peptide therapeutics, capable of exploiting extra- and intra-cellular aberrant disease-driving PPIs.

Disruptyx Therapeutics 1st in class peptide disruptor therapeutics fine tune the disease microenvironment, significantly de-risking the potential for off-target toxicity and subsequently offering a precision approach to treating diseases, such as cancer.


Through selectively modulating disease-driving protein-protein interactions with their precision peptide therapies, Disruptyx Therapeutics is dedicated to developing the next-generation of targeted medicines against cancer.


Harness the unique properties of peptide-based therapeutics to exploit the rich and underexploited network of disease-driving PPI targets in disease, delivering 1st in class / best in class therapeutics that are capable of fine-tuning the disease microenvironment.

Initially focused on oncology, Disruptyx Therapeutics' versatile discovery engine is recognized for its potential to develop innovative medicines to a broad spectrum of disease indications; capable of addressing urgent unmet clinical needs.


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